Sawyer Howitt gives tips on facing a larger racquetball opponent

No one who plays racket ball to stay in shape worries about being able to play on the level of a professional. Most people just engage in the sport to have fun. Some people use racket sports to provide them with the opportunity to network and make business contacts. Business people, who are often competitive, want to do as well in their games as possible. Sawyer Howitt, of the Sawyer Howitt Merriwether group offered up his own tips on how to deal with a larger opponent.

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Although it seems odd for people of an athletic bent, Howitt’s game suffered when he faced larger, out of shape opponents. He did not give much detail about how he overcame this on his WordPress racquetball blog, but he did give one word of advice for people who are in better shape. Remember that people in better shape can usually move more quickly than people who are not.

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