USHEALTH Group – A Trusted Insurance Company

USHEALTH group is a group of companies that provides its members with best level of innovative health coverage. For over 50 years of operation the group and families are proud of their great commitment of providing innovative life, sickness and accident cover solutions to the self-employed and business people.

USHEALTH group of companies provide a variety of products. This is to help their customers choose the protection that they require from the list of options. The options includes cover from specific illnesses, short term accident disabilities, dental and income protection schemes. Their aim is to give customers the power of choice from their wide variety of flexible, affordable and reliable products and services.

USHEALTH group has also taken to all social media platforms to enhance global population reach. This is through their Facebook page USHEALTH GROUP, Twitter @USHEATH_GROUP and now in Instagram @USHEALTH_GROUP. The group uses these platforms to provide healthcare advices, description of their services and also enabling interaction with customers through the question and answer forums.

There are also many benefits attached to been a member of the USHEALTH group. First as a member you are automatically subscribed to online company consultations forums that helps you in making better decisions concerning your healthcare. You are also entitled to periodical statements of drugs prescriptions and cost, plus your prescription history.

Members are also guided on how to save more money e.g. through brand and generic cost comparisons and personalized savings tracking based upon customer’s prescription history. These and many more benefits makes USHEALTH group a reputable and highly rated health company that everyone should consider joining.

Innovation at EOS Made the Lip Balm Cool Again

A decade ago, lip balm was a basic commodity item, and purchasing it was more about cost than cool. Big brands like Chapstick and Blistex competed with cost-cutting measures and other efficiencies. None of them saw the new kid on the block, EOS lip balm, becoming the powerhouse it is today. In a recent Fast Company article on EOS’s secret to success, The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick, EOS founders talk about how customer engagement and focus on improving the lip balm experience set them apart from the rest of the market.

While the other competitors only looked for cheaper paths to the same formula, EOS saw an opportunity to innovate. They took the time to find out what the customer wants in a lip balm. They focused on the emerging market of millennials looking for something different to add to their beauty routine. They took advantage of the new mediums available over Facebook and other social media sites, online beauty blogs, and popular internet channels. EOS redefined what the lip balm was and made it cool. And now, their products can be found in Target and Walmart stores, and their customer engagement and innovation has been rewarded, making them the 2nd Best-Selling lip balm in the U.S.

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