Sahm Adrangi: Leading Kerrisdale While Exposing Large Corporations for Their Wrongdoings

Sahm Adrangi: Leading Kerrisdale While Exposing Large Corporations For Their Wrongdoings

In the financial world, where staying ahead of your competition is always a goal, Sahm Adrangi offers a unique service to financial corporations to help them better analyze and understand their financial strategies. Adrangi is the founder and head of Kerrisdale Capital, a company that offers a range of research and analysis services to corporations all over the country. Adrangi founded the company in 2009 and had helped it grow ever since.

In 2010, Adrangi was involved with an Exposé which caused the downfall of several well known Chinese corporations. He conducted a thorough analysis of their financials and their stock prices, along with a number of other notable factors. He then came upon the conclusion that these corporates were implementing illegal means to be able to earn more profits for themselves. This caused many of the involved corporations to encounter legal action, with many of them having to pay a hefty price for their wrongdoings. This event took place in 2010, and in 2014, Adrangi was once again ready to expose a large company that had been walking down the same route. The company that was now under the radar was Globalstar, an incredibly prominent name in the field of telecommunications. This once again caused the company to have to face legal action, because of the research that Sahm Adrangi had conducted. This time, he exposed the company via a live broadcast, which followed along with a series of letters to file a case against the company at the FCC. To further cement his case, Adrangi also conducted several meeting with the FCC, showcasing the research and analysis that he had conducted that led to the claims that he was making. These also helped to make the case against Globalstar, who then had to face punishment for their wrongdoings.

Today, Sahm Adrangi continues to offer a range of services to corporates. The services that the company provides mainly revolve around financial research, which is then published either through his main website, business, and economics based publications and also on the company’s Twitter profile. The company also provides private information analysis to corporations who want to have their data analyzed to benefit the growth of their company.

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