The frontera fund –fighting for migrant rights

The Frontera fund is one of the most vocal organizations in Arizona as well as around the country that fights for human civil and human rights especially those of the Hispanic community. Arizona is a border state and this naturally has led it to be among those states that have the biggest number of Hispanic communities in the country some people see them as a threat for some twisted reason and as such have made this community the scapegoat for all the wrongs that face the larger society despite being no tangible truth that they are responsible for the same. This is especially dreadful when it comes from law enforcement such as what was the case in Maricopa County where the sheriff Joe Arpaio was one of the biggest instigators of human rights violations against members of the Hispanic community. His response to all members of this society was the same where he would at a point harass them for no given reason making an arrest on a whim and at some points, there were cases of the arrested and detained dying in the hands of the sheriff’s department.

His violations were systematic and well planned in what was a self-presentation as America’s toughest sheriff persona. This is what stroked the journalistic instincts of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and they started the activities of the sheriff on their media outlets for the rest of the country to see what the sheriff was doing. This was not received well by the sheriff who did not consider this type of reporting as flattering but later as an affront to his authority and since he deemed himself as above the reach of the media he effected an arrested that was based on trumped-up charges. This was not only a violation of their human rights but as well as that against their first amendment rights which are guaranteed and protected by the country constitution. What followed was a dropping of all the charges leveled against them after a public outcry as well as the suing of the county and the sheriff’s office by the duo.

The case would drag on in court and after some time the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled that indeed violations had been committed and the two had to be compensated for the same. The settlement of 3.75 million arrived at and this was what was used to begin the Frontera fund.