Fabletics Knows the Secret of Competing In Today’s World of Ecommerce

Fabletics is creating a revolution in the fashion industry. Fabletics is part of a new movement, sometimes known as the activewear movement. Their customers can sign up as subscribers in order to get monthly or weekly deliveries of the highest quality fashion clothing that is out there. Fabletics is successful because they know what consumers really want. They know that consumers want a brand that pushes itself and that provides its customers with customer service that goes the extra mile. The fact is that just having high quality clothing with low prices is not enough to compete in today’s ecommerce environment. After all, Amazon has all of that and that is why they are successful. If you want to compete with Amazon and take them on, you need to provide things that Amazon does not have but which customers really want. These things are high quality customer service, special and unique designs, and unique subscription services.


Fabletics’ secret lies in the fact that they had positioned themselves as a high quality brand of a new kind from the very beginning. They compare themselves to Apple. They know what customers want and they strive to make sure that the customers have it.


An example would be their reverse showroom technique. Competitors are getting killed by the showroom method. Customers are going into physical stores and trying out clothing, but not buying them in the store, instead opting to buy them online at a cheaper price. However, since Fabletics’ customers are usually subscribers, they are able to take advantage of this in a way that regular stores are unable to. They are able to let customers try on clothing without committing to buy them, because they know that the item will be added automatically to their online shopping cart. Since around half of all their customers are either existing subscribers or become subscribers in the store, they have no problem with whether the customer buys it in the store or later on. They just want their customers to be happy.


Kate Hudson has been helping Fabletics since the very beginning. She hosts parties in California and elsewhere that promote Fabletics products. She is a big fan of their model. Demi Lovato said that she loves Fabletics and that their clothing is so cute. She would encourage people to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.

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