Human Rights Advocacy by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael and Larkin founded the Phoenix New Times as well as the Village Voice Media. They decided that they would use the proceeds from their settlement of unwarranted arrest to help undocumented immigrants in Arizona. The arrest happened following an illegal arrest meant to curtail justice for a minority. The two were kidnapped and arrested at night.

They exposed the illegal existence of a grand jury. More upsetting, grand jury subpoenas claimed the identity of residents that had gone through New Times stories virtually. Larkin and Lacey eventually prevailed in the US Court of Appeal in the ninth circuit. The two journalist who would spend their careers affirming and defending the First Amendment constitutional rights, charged the county.

Civil rights are an extensive and significant set of rights that are intended to protect individuals from partial treatment. Protecting civil rights is an essential part of the democratic values of the United States. The two have dedicated their careers to fight for the rights of minorities. Therefore, civil rights advocacy has to file the lawsuit, looking for class-action for the cases that violate one’s civil rights.

Human Rights Watch investigates rights violations arising in the countries. Pressure is placed on the local governments and held responsible for the violations and inactions.

The Universal Periodic Review has been designed. This is to ensure equal treatment and adequate access to justice. This also ensures a full integrate to a gender perspective when their human rights situations are assessed.

Immigrant teens are arguing in court in the position of plaintiffs of a lawsuit. This is done against some Florida schools for sidelining and segregating them when it comes to high school attendance. The school district is reducing immigrant children’s educational opportunities and is failing to act in the best interest of students.

Federal laws require children be allowed to get a free public education. Regardless of the status of immigration. Florida laws mandate efforts to offer quality learning and education to every child. About 350 immigrant teenagers barred from public schools have representation in a lawsuit. These teens are unaccompanied and have limited English-speaking skills.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund will assist groups that advocate for human, civil, and migrant rights. They will also undertaken civic participation and freedom of speech in which Arizona and the Mexican border are part.

The immigrant children will no longer fight in courts. A free learning environment will be available for them to have their right to education.

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